Monday, April 15, 2013

Brindle Berry: Holy Grail of Weight Loss

The popularity of brindle berry for weight loss skyrocketed when the popular celebrity doctor Doctor Oz featured it on his show. He was quoted describing this fruit as “the holy grail of weight loss”. The interview was done with his colleague, Dr. Julie Chen, who was caught saying that it is the “newest and the fastest fat burner”.

Two Important Weight Loss Properties 

There are basically two things that brindle berry can do:
          1.    Natural Fat Burner
          2.    Appetite Suppressants

These two weight loss properties when combined can help in achieving your desired weight and fight off obesity.

Natural Fat Burner
Hydroxycitric acid in brindle berry is the active ingredient that makes it a great fat burner. It increases the lipid oxidation in the body that breaks down fatty acids and gets rid of it. With less fatty acid, then weight loss can be achieved. It also increases the body’s metabolic rate in order to burn fat much faster. The process is called thermogenisis where in lipid synthesis is inhibited in order to allow fat burning in less period of time.

Appetite Suppressant
One of the reasons why a lot of people remain fat and obese is because of their cravings. They have a certain appetite that makes them long for food and they immediately want to eat to satisfy their hunger. Brindle berry is an anti suppressant that tells the brain that your system doesn't want food and give you that feeling of fullness. As a result, your appetite will be suppressed and you would no longer frequently crave for food which can help big in achieving the weight that you want. This happens because brindle berry is known to control the serotonin levels, which controls people’s cravings. With regular intake of this supplement, you will find yourself no longer looking for food every minute, especially for carbohydrate loaded foods.

Other Benefits
Aside of working as a fat burner and appetite suppressant, there are a number of health benefits from brindle berry. It can improve the body’s immune system to fight off common ailments and disease. It can help alleviate symptoms of constipation and other stomach issues to. Some people also take it to control stress and prevent diet-related conditions like anorexia and bulimia. This wonder fruit also double up as anti-oxidant to help the body flush off toxins and free radicals in the body.